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Today in 2004

March 27, 2004 is the date on the check for $40 that I received for my first “paid” animal communication session.  It hangs in my office today.  To celebrate I am pushing myself into social media with a Blog.

I remember my fabulous client and her two wonderful dogs.  One dog had decided no longer to get into the car when they went to competitions and even laid down on the mat when he entered the ring.  OOPS – and he was almost a champion!

The session went quite well,  I explained to the male pooch her request – that if he would allow her to “show him” 3 more times he could retire, and she would give him whatever he wanted in return.  This was not my first negotiation between beast and human.

He told me of the bordem of showing in the ring, and how he really did not want another ribbon, and that he was done.  He was willing to do it IF she would give him a couple of things that he had been wanting that related to food, play, and something about french fries.  She agreed, he agreed, and it turned out that he was cooperative and won his points.  YAY.  (I hope he got his french fries).

In my job I get to experience the JOY that animals feel when they have a session and know that their humans have HEARD them.  It’s a mutual respect for each other and really brings great things to the heart of the relationship.

I promise to share more stories in this Blog in an effort to open the hearts of humans, to have a session, or another session with their fabulous friend.

Much Love, Barbara   925-708-1979


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